Git Documents

Clone a project from the github

git clone

Example clone of the this project:

git clone

Add remote url from local machine

git remote add origin

Example add of this project url

git remote add origin

Remove remote url from the local machine

git remote remove origin

If you want to add another remote url, at first you need to remove the current remote url then to add new url

Add any changes including files, folders and codes

git add --all

Commit all changes

git commit -m 'your commit message here'

Push your source code to the github

git push (This will push the source codes on the current branch)
git push origin master (This will push the source codes to the master branch)
also git push -u origin master

Check recent commit history

git log

Initialize new git repository

git init

Reset saved but uncommitted code

First save unsaved work or close and reopen the file, then use this command

git reset --hard
Then use git pull

Restore your currently changed files

git restore

Force to push your code if you think it's ok but it is refusing

git push -f origin master

Create a new branch

git branch your_new_branch_name

Go / switch to a branch

git checkout your_target_branch_name
git switch your_target_branch_name

Create a new branch and switch to that branch

git checkout -b your_new_branch_name

Check the changes status

git status

Create an orphan branch

An ophan branch is completely a new branch without any git history or git commit. You need to commit add all the files to this branch before making a commit

git checkout --orphan yourNewBranchNameHere
git add -A
git commit -m 'commitMessageHere'

Remove git commit history from your repo

First make an orphan branch, then add all files, then commit the files to that orphan branch, then delete the master branch, then remove remote origin if exists, then git init, then add remote origin url, then push your code with force and finally remove all the old files, continue your work...

git checkout --orphan newbranch
git add -A
git commit -m 'firstcommit'
git branch -D master
git branch -m master
git remote remove origin
git init
git remote add origin
git push -f origin master
git gc --aggressive --prune=all

Warning: Shallow update not allowed!

How to remove shallow clone?

What is shallow clone?

Shallow clone is just cloning a repository using --depth
If you use Shallow clone to your local machine, it will not allow you to push your codes to your remote origin. You have to remove the shallow clone record to push your codes to remote repository. To do this just follow this :

git fetch --unshallow

Now do your regular work, if you still have not set your new remote url, set it before to push

git remote remove origin
git init
git remote add origin
git push origin master

Change the branch name if you need. Set upstream as your own

Get update codes on local machine from the github repo

git pull also git pull origin master

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