If you are looking for a solution to extend the C drive storage on Windows or Merge 2 drives here is a simple solution for you.

Windows Partition Solution

Primary steps

  1. First to know the type of the drives- primary or logical
  2. Right click on the Computer (This PC)
  3. Click on Manage
  4. Click on Disk Management
  5. Read the text with the drives. You’ll see there two types of drive (1) Primary partition and (2) Logical drive
  6. If you want to merge 2 Primary partition, you can do it without a third pary tools
  7. If you want to merge a Primary partition (here C) with a Logical drive it will require a third party tools

Working steps (Merge 2 Primary partitions)

  1. If your target drive has data/ files, keep a backup copy
  2. Right click on the target drive that you need to merge with C
  3. Click on Delete Volume, and delete it. As a result the drive will be as unallocated
  4. Right click on C drive
  5. Click on Extend volume
  6. Select the Drive of unallocated and confirm the action. Both drive storage will be allocated only for C. Done

Working steps (Merge C Drive with a Logical Drive)

  1. Download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant
  2. Backup the data, files of the Logical Drive if you have
  3. Open the AOMEI
  4. Right Click the Logical Drive you want to merge with C
  5. Click on Delete Partition
  6. Again Right click on the Drive
  7. Click on Merge Partition
  8. Have selected the C and that new drive
  9. Confirm to proceed. You may see that the drives already merged but remember the process is not completed
  10. Click on Apply of the AOMEI top left menu
  11. Click on Proceed, confirm if any alert message shown
  12. Wait to complete the process and you’ll get it ready then

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