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Create a react app with Zero build configuration on your local machine.

  • Please ensure that you have Nodejs installed on your machine

Step 1:

Open your terminial
run this command

npx create-react-app my-app

This will install all the necessary codes to your device.

  • Here npx will ensure that you’ll receive the latest version of the source code.
  • create-react-app is the official & open source react app build codes
  • my-app is a folder name where the codes will be installed, this folder will be created automatically

Step 2

When the installation will be completed, you’ll see that it suggests you to go to the my-app folder and start the app with npm-start

  • So, let’s go to our app folder with this command
cd my-app
  • Then run this command to start the app automatically
npm start

Your app will be run automatically on localhost:3000 and the page will suggest you to edit the code in App.js.
So, your app is now live and ready to edit with your own codes.

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