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git clone

Clone a public repo

git clone local-machine-folder-name

git init

Initialize or reinitialize a git repo

git init

git add

Add / save all the changes in a repo

git add --all

git config

Add your user-email and username before making a commit if not set yet

git config --global 'youremailhere'
git config --global 'usernamehere'

git commit

Commit a change

git commit

Commit all the changes made in your repo with a message

git commit -m 'your message'

git remote remove origin

Remove a remote origin from your local machine after cloning a repo from github

git remote remove origin

git remote add origin

Add a remote origin where you want push your codes from local machine

git remote add origin

git push

Push your local code to github

git push origin master

Set upstream to master branch and push local codes together

git push -u origin master

When you set upstream once, you can use directly git push to push your code

git push

Force to push your current codes no matter whatever conflict it has

git push -f origin master

git pull

Pull all the codes from github repo to your local machine on base branch

git pull

git checkout

Move your cursor to one branch to another branch.

This will move your cursor to local branch. (here ‘local’ is a branch name, not your local machine)

git checkout local

Again this will move your cursor to master branch

git checkout master

If you don’t have a local branch, this will create a ‘local’ branch and at the same time the cursor will move to that new branch

git checkout -b local

This will move your cursor to a specific commit back and set head there

git checkout your_commit_reference_name_here

git log

Check recent commit history- get commit id, author, time and commit message

git log

git reset

Reset your uncommitted but saved works. First save the file or close and reopen the file then use the command

git reset --hard

Then you can restore data from the github

git pull

git restore

Restore your currently changed file

git restore

git clean

Undo your uncommitted codes and delete new files and directory

git clean -fd

git stash

Reset your unstaged code including debug.log file

git stash

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