Who can join / Prerequisite / Course details : 

1. Minimum educational qualification – Bachelors or Equivalent or Higher (Completed or Students)

2. Must have a Laptop (Who don’t have a laptop, may learn online from home computer if allowed)

3.  Must have internet at home

4. Must have basic HTML and CSS knowledge. (If you don’t have – you have to take 3/4 preparation classes before starting this, and you need to let us know about it)

5. Registration fee: BDT 500 (This is only to facilitate the miscellaneous services for your learning , neither for our profit nor teaching fees).

6. Course fee: BDT 2000 (But YOU can make it free, only if you attend consecutively the first 4 classes, you’ll get 100% refund of the course fee. It’s completely upto you)

7. What you will learn :  At the end of the course you’ll be able to build and manage a Corporate website, Personal websites and Blogging websites.

8. You can enter the freelance market with a limited scope after successfully completion of this course.

9. Before registration please check our notice board here if the course is open now.

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